Émile and Aline MAYRISCH AWARD
Fourth edition, 2019

The “Cercle des Amis de Colpach” is pleased to announce that the “Prix Émile et Aline Mayrisch” awarded every four years to research work which honours the memory of the former Arbed director general of and of his spouse as promoters of the understanding between European peoples, has been awarded to Dr. Paul Feltes for his work “Le Luxembourg, l’Europe et les cartels internationaux de l’acier (1929-1939). Entre concurrence coupe-gorge et marché régulé” published last year. According to the international jury, this meticulous analysis of the negotiations which, in spite of the rivalries between steel producers, led to a first steel Europe during the inter-war period, brings in fact innumerable new knowledge both on what is called the “Great Region” from which the ECSC emerged in the early 1950s and on the private actors that are at its origin. The prize endowed with 10,000 € by the ArcelorMittal group has been awarded to the winner on Wednesday January 29, 2020. The ceremony under the patronage of Madame Minister of Culture Sam Tanson took place in the “19 Liberté” building of BCEE, Luxembourg (former headquarters of Arbed). The laudatio was held by Prof. Sylvain Schimann from the University of Strasbourg.

Invitation Prix Emile et Aline Mayrisch 2020

Prix Emile et Aline Mayrisch – Dossier de Presse édition 2019

Laudatio – Prix Mayrisch 2019

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Announcement of the fourth edition of the Émile and Aline Mayrisch Award:

In close cooperation with ArcelorMittal, and under the patronage of the Minister for Cultural Affairs of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg, the non profit-making organization “Le Cercle des Amis de Colpach” governed by Luxembourg law, organizes every 4 years a contest for the award of the Aline and Émile Mayrisch Prize. The objective of this award, which honours the memory of the former Arbed director general and of his spouse is to foster the “spirit of Colpach”, characterized by the openness to cultural currents and the promotion of the understanding between European peoples. It is endowed with the sum of 14,000 € (first price of 10,000 €; special price of 4,000 €) and has been attributed for the first time in 2007 as an event of “Luxembourg and Greater Region, European Capital of Culture”.

The Aline and Émile Mayrisch Prize is open to researchers, students, journalists and other authors, residents of Germany, Belgium, France or Luxembourg and aged 24 and above. The works submitted to the contest will deal with research in the fields of history, politics, economy, social life and/or culture in the Franco-Belgo-German-Luxembourg area. They may also consist of contributions from the written press, radio and television, standing out for their pedagogical interest as regards the treatment of the above-mentioned themes.

The works will be submitted in German, French or English.

For this prize, non-published works as well as works published after 1st September 2018 will be given consideration. The submission deadline is 1st September 2019.

For further information, in particular about the contest rules, please visit the rubric of Rules governing the Award. Any further questions should be addressed either to Josee.Kirps@an.etat.lu or to Charles.Barthel@pt.lu.